Business Continuity Planning


The purpose of this policy is to ensure continuity of critical business processes in case of a disaster. This policy establishes the basic principles to ensure emergency response, resumption and recovery of RSR Global Accounting Services operations and business activities during and post a business interruption event. The BCP Policy sets out RSR Global’ s aims, principles and approach to BCP, what and how it will be delivered, key roles and responsibilities and how BCM will be governed and reported on.It provides the minimum standard to be followed (scope, activities, roles and responsibilities, ownership and review mechanism) around which the BCP capability is designed and built.


The BCP policy covers all business units e.g. Operation, Infrastructure Services, HR,Group IT, Finance and Quality within RSR Global.


RSR Global Accounting Services has below objectives to meet through Business Continuity Policy:

  • System resilience
  • Legal, Regulatory and Client requirements to be maintained, Co-ordinated and Monitored
  • Disruptive event should not be impacting ability to deliver critical services as per BCP plan.
  • Promoting Business Continuity Awareness

BCP Location:

Plot No-5, Press Enclave Part -3, Balaji Road
Vikas Nagar, Uttam Nagar,
New Delhi – 110059
Near Jeevan Kamal Health Clinic