Debt Recovery

Credit/Background Checks

Running Credit and background check a help us identify who needs collection effort versus who doesn’t.

Online Client Access

Clients have access to review their status at any time.

Written Policy Review

We help our clients identify issues in their written policy when it comes to standard operating procedures.

Contract Review

We help our clients identify their holes in their contract to ensure the contract is sealed tight.

Legal Council

We have a team of experienced collection attorneys that assist them in their clients need.

Fast Remittance

We will ensure your payment is made in a timely manner.

Recovery of Payments

A special team of accountants is fully engage with recovery of all kinds of payment and deals with all scale of company whether small size, mid size and large size.Our accountants deeply analyze the recoverable data of the company and prepare reconciliation to get the creditors understand easily.Below are examples of payment that we are expertise.

  • Duplicate Payment
  • Over payment
  • Short/Long Term Debts
  • Incorrect payment